Capturing the Energy in You

Passion, Skill and Versatility. Whatever it is that you do - Dale Watson from Energy Images can provide a photographic service to suit your needs.

With a selection of mentored, hand picked photographers located Australia wide, Energy Images has quickly established its name as a quality photographic service provider for clients from all walks of life. No matter how large or small their individual needs, Energy Images caters to all. With a motto of ‘Capturing the Energy in You’ Dale’s focus is to provide images to the client that reflects the essence of their individuality.

Dale Watson is a highly skilled, Olympic Games accredited professional photographer. Dale’s versatility has seen many and varied clients seek his services from high profile corporate bodies, through national editorial and media groups, to international, national, state and local sporting and community events. With movement based photography as his forte, Dale is also vastly experienced in commercial, fashion and portrait photography. Dale’s ability to capture the spirit of a moment has meant that his services have been in high demand across Australia and throughout the world.

Dale’s strong customer service background, impresses clients with not only quality images but also second to none customer care and follow up. His passion is to see his photography assist associations, companies and organizations to grow and develop, working closely with executives and organising committees to provide images for marketing and future development purposes.

Dale’s enthusiasm and creativity in his work is reflected in the quality of images that he produces. His ability to capture the moment - the graceful movement, the sparkle in the eyes, the strength of a stride – has seen him become highly sought after with sporting and performance based groups.


Dale Watson holds the agency record and it might well be a world record with a prodigious volume of images captured during a 2006 corporate triathlon in Sydney. Over the course of 5 hours of intense concentration and non-stop shooting, Watson made 12,700 (yes you read that right – 12,700!) tightly cropped, brilliantly lighted, accurately exposed and sharp (read that all as “highly saleable”) images of participants. Watson’s efforts certainly impressed Duane Hart, himself a veteran of several Olympic Games and numerous other major events who knows and appreciates what was involved. “I doubt there would be anyone else in the world who could produce the concentration and stamina required to continually shoot quality images for that long” said Hart. (Peter Skinner; 2008)